Here are a few things I came across this week which might inspire others. And we all know we need inspiring after this week.

Gender Pay Gap bot

As a friend of mine said, ‘This is what the internet was made for. Someone created a bot that would find any British company that was tweeting about International Women’s Day, cross-reference the company with self-reported data on a British gender pay gap website, and then automatically responding to that company’s IWD tweet with their gender pay gap % difference. Companies started taking down their tweets, or at least removing the IWD hashtag so the bot couldn’t find them!’ Here is a link to the Twitter bot.

Three Cheers for Clear Definition

So what is PII (personally identifiable information)? I am a sucker for a nice image and this short post contains a simple visual alongside a clear definition.

And another for Visualisations

The Trust Over IP foundation created a wonderful interactive visual to explain how digital credentials, sharing, and trust could work. They took their model, visualised it, and tried to use a little technical language as possible. It is more accessible than any paper written. Most organisations could learn from this.

And one more! This time about Consent

SenJus took those terrible consent forms and made them visual. Have a look and then consider how you could do the same.

So what inspired you this week?

Photo by SensJus


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