Changing Angles

by | Mar 13, 2022 | Change

chisel and alter

The other day we needed to take down a small part of a wall. We thought it would be quite straight forward. However, we didn’t realise it was part of an old stone wall. As we chipped away at it, we changed angles, used big shovels, small ones, crowbars, and even chisels. In the end, we were successful, but only because we were willing to try another way, another angle. If we insisted on one tool or one tool, we’d still be at it.

The same is true about change. When we engage with teams around change, we need multiple approaches and resources. One method is rarely successful. Sometimes a whole new tool is required and sometimes we simply need to alter the angle we are using just slightly.

What new approach could you alter today?

Photo by Raul Barrios


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