Feeling Lost, but Talking about it for Decades

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Change |

lost map

It’s a bit of journey. Take the motorway and exit on the A343, then the B4335, and drive a mile till you see an old post box. By the post box (still working btw), take the left fork in the road, through ‘Black Dog’ till you see a farm shop with a big chicken out front. Immediately after turn left down the lane that doesn’t look like much. It will be bumpy (and you’ll need a 4×4 if it has rained). Once over the small stone bridge, cross the tracks, then turn right once you cross the cattle grid. You’ll think you are lost and have made a wrong turn, but stay with it. Eventually the lane will widen and through the bushes and trees you’ll see signs of life. And then you’ll arrive, just like that. It will seem surreal, but it won’t be. We’ll be waiting to show you around.

We did feel lost and it was surreal. And it was spectacular. One we’ll be talking about for decades.

We often talk about change and digital transformation as a straight line. Or like a journey on a motorway from one city to the next – quite smooth, easy directions, and lots of others doing it too. And yet, the experience of change for many of us is closer to the directions above then a smooth motorway. We feel lost at times, it’s bumpy, and we think we’ve made a wrong turn. However, there is something about going slow, sticking with it, and perhaps taking others along for those moments when we get stuck.

And yes, sometimes we are a part of a journey that we talk about for decades.

Photo by Jean-Frederic Fortier


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