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‘Stop Dad, loooooook!’

I stood still, hardly breathely. All I could see were trees, reeds, and grass. ‘What is it?’

‘There’s a deer over there!’ came the whispered response. ‘Look.’

I followed his outstretched arm and pointing finger. But still nothing. I started again, crouching down to my son’s height, following his arm and finger. And then I saw it. Majestic, with antlers to crowning its head. It was beautiful. And now, I could easily find it again, when I had to look for cars or move the dog.

Often it takes others to help us see a new way through. But when we see it, we can’t ‘un-see’ it and wonder why we hadn’t seen it before.

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard of creative ways people have been using to support Ukrainians still in Ukraine. People have hired AirBnBs in Kyiv for tonight or this week or month. Paying in full and letting the host know they are not coming, but it was a way to get people money. Others have been hiring freelancers on Upwork for work they don’t need doing, but again as a way of getting money to people.

This not meant to down grade anything traditional charities are doing. But it is to highlight new ways of seeing. Things I’ve never thought about, until someone else showed me. We need each other, we need the others to help us see what we can’t on our own.

What have you seen today?

Photo by Diana Parkhouse


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