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Reading reviews of places to stay, restuarants, or even books has limited value. They are another person’s, not your, opinion. Unless of course the criteria they used is stated and understood, the review may not be useful to you. What you like, expect, want, they may not.

This is why one review is generally useless, but multiple reviews might be useful as they may show trends.

However, if you make something or provide a service, find the people you are making it for and ask them for a review. Ignore the other reviews as it’s not for them.

Sometimes, and especially in digital transformation, we’re obsessed with scale. We want more and more and more. And as we scale our product or service declines because we lose touch with who we made it for. We listen to the others and try to please everyone. We judge sucess on the masses not on the ones we made it for.

What if scale wasn’t the only or even a metric?

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