Inspiring and Frightening

by | Apr 2, 2022 | weekly reflections |

Here’s a few things we came across recently which are both inspiring and frightening. Let’s start with 2 inspriing posts, then we’ll move to 2 more frightening ones.

Food & Farming

A supermarket in Montreal opens an organic farm on its roof – talk about reducing food miles! The IGA (that a supermarket chain in Canada) in Montreal grows more than 30 different kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, radish, kale and basil.

Electric Motorcycles

A British company has created a stylish looking, electric motorcycle designed for the urban life. Not a massive range (yet), but a removable battery that you can charge with a regular socket. H/T Do Lectures

New Evidence that Biometric Data Systems Imperil Afghans

The recent Human Rights Watch article on the biometric systems left behind by the ‘west’ in Afghanistan makes for chilling reading. One day, humanitarian actors will wake up to the reality that ‘data systems which might be legitimate for modern governments can pose risks to the population when a government regime changes‘.

Digitisation and Sovereignty in Humanitarian Space

An academic paper to read, but one which in essence is five short papers combined into one. All contributions help deepen our understanding of sovereignty in a digital age. Critical reading for anyone working in digital identity.

What inspired you this week?


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