Maps, Models, and Wrong Turns

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Maps, Models, and Wrong Turns

‘That’s odd. The road we’re on goes straight ahead, but the map is telling us to do this big loop.’

On a recent journey, the map did this more than once. Once the road did continue, but there was a massive gate closed blocking our way, so we had to go around. Another time we were able to go straight, but then shortly after realised we couldn’t make the left turn that we needed to due to another barrier. And sometimees the map got it wrong. We laughed about it all, but it was also frustrating and wish the map would be able to speak and explain itself.

Changemakers and leaders are often like maps. We take people and teams on loops, but forget to explain why. In the end our route may be easier and even faster, but we forget what it is not to know. And so we cause unnecessary frustration. Sometimes the ‘wrong’ turns, while adding time to the journey, also teach us something that help the future.

Maps are models and not always correct. the journey we take and how we are (communication, kindness, behaviours, etc.) with the others on the journey is what is the reality.

What journey are you on? What maps are you using? How are they helping you? What are you laughing about?

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