Deduplication and Scavenger Hunts

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scavenger hunts

Our kids like scavenger hunts. When we walk woods they enjoy having a list of things to find – sticks, rocks, something purple, leaves, and so on. For birthdays there are usually hunts involved too. They also have a keen sense of fairness. They want to have the same as each other. Therefore, especially when chocolate is involved, we tend to give them a ‘searcher’s’ card. This card is both the list of things they need to find, but it is also the same. For example it could be one big blue egg, 5 little gold eggs, a red ribbon, a book of puzzles, an orange pencil, or whatever. And off they go to find their treasure.

As they go, they tick their card. Sometimes at different events, they have to find people, ask them questions, and then get a signature. The idea is that everyone has the same (or similar) task and provides ‘proof’ of achieving the task, but, when it comes to chocolate, can’t have all the big blue eggs.

The cards are ‘centrally’ controlled while where the child finds the ‘treasure’ is mostly up to them. And they may be seeking a signature from someone taller than 6 feet, but once they have one, they can’t have another.

This is another attempt to illustrate the concept described in yesterday’s post. Illustrations and analogies are never perfect, but hopefully gives new insight or perspective to the idea.

Photo by Annie Spratt


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