And then what?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Change, ICT4D |


Assumptions. We all make them. Often, we assume others know what the next step is. For example, in the aid world, we put lots of effort into finding a potential duplicate, but then what?

Is the assumption that all potential duplicates are true? Or that the person who finds it, deletes one of the entries? However, these potential duplicates are people, households fleeing from a crisis not of their own making. Do we just cast them aside? Do we strike both duplicate records because we think someone was trying to ‘cheat’ the system and there must be consequences?

Or do we need to have point people in each agency ready to work together to determine if the ‘potential’ is a ‘real’ duplicate? And agree on how they’ll do that? And how they will address the duplication when confirmed? People would find that helpful and it might lead to some consistency.

Assumptions. We all make them. What are yours? What steps, conversations, and answers to ‘and then what?’ do you need to have today?

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