The Change Sandwich

by | May 2, 2022 | Change, Ideas |

change sandwich

Control and change often are like a sandwich. And perhaps mindset is the peanut butter and honey (or jam) that hold them together. We can change what we can control, even though we, too offten, spend more time trying to change that which is outside of our control. It is true that we can influence what we can’t control, but that is different again.

Because we can, or at least believe we can, change what we can control, we tend to inflate our sphere of control. Perhaps we are embarrassed at how little can control. Or we belittle it or ourselves. And then we don’t start. Frustration grows and the vicious downward cycle goes on.

Mindset is the PB and honey. When we shift our mindset to starting where we are, within our sphere of control, things change. We see the change we want to see because we see it in ourselves. Then positive confirmation bias kicks in and we see change elsewhere too. And often, as we change ourselves, our sphere of control and influence both grow.

The thing about mindset is that it is tough to trick. If we try to change ourselves only because we want to grow our spheres of control and influence, it rarely works. We are still fixed on the other, not ourselves. Start small, start with yourself. And as you do your mindset will likely shift too. The key is to start.

I’m off to make a sandwich, where can you start today?

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