Being Specific

by | May 25, 2022 | Learning

being specific

Reading with my daughter is a joy. Some of the books she is reading do not have much of a storyline, but they are focusing on certain sounds. Currently there are a lot of ‘chomping crunchy carrots’. In addition to having her read to us, we are also encouraged to read to her. Not the same book or the same level of book, but ones ‘beyond the level they can read for themselves’. And ideally, a range of stories, non-fiction, and poetry.

It made me wonder if we apply the same logic and process to our own learning? Or to the training activities we create for others? Most organisations do the ‘beyond where they are at’ bit well. And we, ourselves, do that to when we dream or watch videos of people doing things we want to. But how often do we either break things down into specific steps to practice? Or how often do we explore a range of the skills we seeking to develop?

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t get specific enough about what skills or knowledge we are wanting to develop. We think we are keeping our options open by being general, but often it is in the being specific that change happens.

What do you need to be more specific on today?

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