Ideas, Resistance, and Execution

by | May 31, 2022 | Change, Ideas |

ideas and execution

Once an idea forms, so does the resistance. At first the resistance is inside us stopping us from sharing the idea. Ideas grow when shared, yet so does resistance (both internally and now externally too). Depending on which grows faster, we either make it to execution or we don’t.

We need trust to share an idea. Change often starts in the ‘what if, we tried it this way…’ type of conversations. Some people we trust implicitly. Others we don’t. And then there is a large group inbetween that we are uncertain about and could go either way. Organisational and systemic change tends to be all about this large middle group. Change has trust as a large foundation. Without it, we don’t have the courage to take that uncertain step into the unknown.

There is no idea without resistance. They can not and do not exist without each other. Acknowledging the resistance’s prescence is helpful, embracing it is not. Your job is execution. Executing the idea faster than resistance to it can grow.

And yes, that is going to involve awkward conversations. Ones where you don’t know how the other person(s) will react. Will the laugh, tell you all the reasons it won’t work, or steal your idea? You don’t know until you try, but if you don’t try, change won’t happen. Change lies not in the idea, but in the execution of evolving ideas.

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