Not Childish, but Remarkable

by | Jun 4, 2022 | Change |


Dogs talk, bake, and have pet humans. Cats protect museums, dinosaurs dance, trees walk, and flowers sing. Life is exciting and creative while reading stories to kids. The imagination and creativity is outstanding. And for many children, these abilities do not seem too far fetched.

I find the authors incredible – who comes up with these ideas? And then I wonder, if this is final version that made it through editing and publishing, what are the ideas left out?

Humans are amazingly creative, so why are our meetings, trainings, and even ‘brainstorming’ sessions so boring? Especially in comparison to children’s books? Perhaps we need to spend 2 hours reading children’s books before a brainstorming or design session and see if it makes a difference? Perhaps we need to bring a children’s author into our meetings?

What would our change processes look like if we used a children’s author approach? How would our messaging and communications be different?

How could it be ‘not childish’ and yet much more creative and remarkable?

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