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by | Jun 8, 2022 | Change |

before and after magic

‘Wow, what an incredible change!’ Recently, we were looking at photos of when we first moved into our place with some friends. So much has changed, buildings are gone, buildings added, colours and cladding is different, and where 6ft high stinging nettles greeted us, now vegetables, fruit trees and flowers grow. It was a good reminder of the difference we’ve made.

‘If you hold the photo up and move it and see the new, it looks a bit like magic’ said our son.

Change can feel magical at times. It can feel like it should happen with a snap of our fingers. Just like a before and after photo of a house or garden. Job done. What’s next?

But change never happens this way. Change happens in the showing up everyday, even when it is boring and we don’t feel like it. It is choosing to show up, to engage, to have the conversation for the 777th time. It is recognising that we all fail, but it those that get up and try again who help bring about change. And no, not in a masochistic, self-destructive way, but in an optimistic, courageous, and encouraging way.

The change in our property didn’t happen magically. Each day we do a little a bit. Each day weeds are pulled, holes are dug, cables laid, plants planted, or paint applied. Some days it is only one thing, other days it is many things. But each day it is something. And after 2.5 years, we’ve made magic happen and we still have more to do.

Change happens when we show up. It’s how we make magic. How do you need to show up today?

Photo by Marcel Strauß


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