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by | Jun 12, 2022 | Ideas, Learning

writing daily

There is something powerful about writing everyday and makig it public. It is a record of your journey of thinking, of processing, of learning. and of exploring. Speaking and discussing with others is important and yet there is something special about writing. It forces you to clarify, to articulate, to rewrite, and to choose words. Sometimes we call it ‘codifying’ our knowledge or learning. And it is this act, which enables ideas to spread, to be shared.

After writing everyday for over 1300 days (3.5 years), one of things I keep learning is this. The posts that have been most important for me to write are never the popular ones. The popular ones connect with people where they are at. But important ones for me are the ones which unlock something inside of me.

This is one of the key ways writing daily is different than presentations and speaking engagements. In many ways, we write for ourselves, we present for others.

And speaking of writers, Kevin Kelly turned 70 at the end of April and wrote a post about the 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known. It’s a gem. I’m certain you will find at least 10 pieces of wisdom in the 100.

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