Anger Formula

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Change |


Anger is often connected with change. Fury or rage in some cases. Either because the change you seek is not happening at the speed you want. Or because change is happening ‘to’ you and you feel out of control.

In certain sized organisations change tends to happen over three year cycles. It is methodological. Even formulaic at times. For other organisations three years is light speed, while for others it’s feels as slow as molasses going up hill in January in Toronto.

Speed and feelings are relative. Important and real, but also relative. And when our speed expectations are mismatched with the relative of the organisation we are a part of, our anger increases rapidly.

To go all mathematical on you. If os ≠ pe, then a3 when os = organisational speed, pe = personal expectations, and a = anger.

The key is matching personal expectations and organisational speed. Are you in a match or mismatch?

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