Some weekend reading and inspiration

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weekend reading

It’s the weekend as I write this. And this week has been full of challenging and inspiring reads, conversations, and random encounters. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

An article to feed your soul

This article takes about 4 minutes to read, but you will want to sit with it for much longer. It both challenges and nutures you. Thanks to the magnificently wise Sue for alerting me to it.

An Idea we all need to succeed

Sojo was described in a tweet as the ‘Deliveroo for Alterations’. It’s a brilliant idea and may it spread widely – we, and our wonderful planet, needs it to.

An article to challenge our work meetings

Often it’s little things that can have a big impact. And often those little things are a kindness or a thoughtfulness done by someone who cares about others and ‘sees’ others deeply. This article does just that and helps show us a small thing we can also do.

A longer read about unintended digital consequences

This paper requires a coffee, or perhaps something stronger, and a bit of time. However, it is worth the time and read. Digital transformation is not always a bed of roses and being aware of its pitfalls is critical.

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