The Hidden 98%

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Change |


Kevin Kelly states

‘You see only 2% of another person, and they see only 2% of you. Attune yourselves to the hidden 98%’

If you are involved in change (and we all are), you might want to write that on a wall you see everyday. Even if you think you are much better attuned to others than the rest of us, let’s say 10 times better, you only see 20%, leaving 80% unseen. 80%!

Everyone has more going on in their lives than we will ever know. Therefore, how we react in the moment is never just about the moment, but includes stuff the rest of us never see. Moments can trigger all kinds of negative reactions, but also positive ones. And these positive reactions are also never just about the moment.

So today, this week, in your meetings, your interactions with others, remember the 98% (or at least the 80%). Be kind to others. Be generous and gracious. We all have lots happening in our lives.

Photo by Thomas Bormans


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