Wait. Be passive for a while.

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Yesterday I was in conversation with a couple permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and sustainability experts. I was asking questions about our property, drainage, soil, and animals. They generously gave me their time and wisdom. The answer I received was different than expected. It was mostly ‘Wait. Have passive inovlvement for a while.’

Frankly, I didn’t like the answer much. I wanted something actionable. A quick fix. But was not given any. Wait, be patient.

Upon reflection I realise two things. First, one of the principles we need is to work with nature, the earth. Join the rhythms, rather than fighting them and imposing our ‘will’ on them. Waiting is part of that. Waiting is part of healing. And in many ways, waiting is far from passive as there is a lot going on in our land.

Secondly, the answer of ‘Wait. Have passive inovlvement for a while’ is wisdom applicable to work in change and in digital transformation. The impatience of leaders and change makers can negatively impact the change they seek to create. The change we seek to create. Wait, be passive for a while, and let ‘nature’ takes its course.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or written into a project plan or strategy a period of waiting, of pausing, of letting the change happen. We/I rush on to the next thing. The next shiny new piece of technology or digital idea. And in the rushing to the next thing we miss so much of what is happening and destory what we had wanted all along.

In what areas of your life or projects, do you need to ‘wait’ for a while?

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