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A friend of mine recently posted a question on social media. ‘What is the difference between empathy and humility?’ I know he has an answer to this. He could always do a quick google of it too if he wanted to clarify any aspect of it. But he posted. And the responses he reeceived were fascinating and many. Some were serious, some funny, but all gave interesting perspectives.

Asking questions often opens up the possibilities of significant learning. Maybe you know the answer already. Or have your answer. But then youu hear others and you realise there are many ways to think about it. The interesting thing is that when we ask and listen (not correct, refute, or compete), we can learn about the perspective of the other. When we listen, ask clarifying questions, we can ‘see’ the world a new way.

Just because we know the answer to our own question, does not mean that we know everything or the ‘whole’. Change makers know this. Therefore we ask lots of questions. Not to catch others out, but to see anew.

What questions do you need to ask today?

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