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Gardeners tend to be an interesting group of people. Many of the quiet, introverts who come alive when talking of flowers, vegetables, soil, and trees. Many gardening books, websites, and videeos are instructional in some way. Gardeners love giving away their ‘secrets’, the things they’ve learnt. It is easy to find a gardening book that is some sort of step by step guide to growing vegetables or flowers or creating a market garden.

This is not to say gardeners are without ego and are not competitive. They most definitely are. But they also seem to understand the value of sharing and that if we have more people gardening, we all ‘win’.

What if we behaved more like this in our digital work? in our humanitarian work? Sharing our work allows others to build on it. And we can also build on theirs. There is less ‘reinventing the wheel’ and more building a better wheel or way of moving. When we work with partners who do not yet have the policies and procedures in place that we want them to have, give them yours. Do a find and replace in the documentation and help them understand what the policy is about. When you are conducting a training, open it up to others. Rarely is there a need for a ‘closed door’ training session.

How can you be more generous this week? Who can you share knowledge or tools with?

Start small. But start today.

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