The Encouragement Manifesto

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Encouragement Manifesto

No one goes to bed at night wishing they had a little less encouragement that day. No one. Isn’t that interesting to consider. There is no such thing as too much encouragement. You are never ‘full’. Encouragement tends to make us happy, feel loved, smile, and generally ‘feel good’.

My Mom used to keep a box in the sideboard in the kitchen. It had pictures, often of flowers, that she would cut out of magazines. She’d glue them to a piece of coloured paper making a card. Words of comfort, joy, and encouragement were added and then sent to someone. These cards were legendary before her death and people still comment to me about them 10 years after she died. Quiet words of encouragement.

Perhaps people still speak of them because encouragement is too rare. We compete, drag others down, blame, and talk negatively about others when they are not around. This helps no one. In fact, it makes it worse. Perhaps it’s because we think so little of ourselves. Perhaps encouagement needs to start with ourselves.

Encourage yourself, encourage others. Change does not happen without it.

The abundance or lack of encouragement says a lot about the culture of an organisation, a team, a community. Which would you prefer to join?

And perhaps the severe lack of encouragement in our lives is why the Encouragement Manifesto resonates so deeply with so many. Write it on your wall, your bed posts, your barns. And then go, encourage others. Talk positively about yourself and others.

Try for a day, a week, and then don’t stop. No one goes to bed at night wishing they had a little less encouragement that day.

The Encouragement Manifesto is courtesy of Feast & Fables – please check them out


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