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We don’t like nuance. We like the idea of it. But we don’t like it practically. Our lives are filled with thousands of choices. Every day. There are at least 15 different versions of strawberry jam at the supermarket. Not to mention the jams that are combinations of strawberries and another fruit. If you have a TV, you likely have hundreds of stations to choose from. A radio? Hundreds of choices there too. And since you are reading this, you have access to the internet and, well, there, the choices are infinite.

We have a lot of choice. And this impacts us slowly, over time. Most of us react by choosing the same products each time. We limit our engagement with the choices. We also eagerly embrace the sound bites, the 10 second clip. You’re either with us or against us. Us or them. And this makes us more extreme.

The same is true in digital transformation. There is little room for debate, discussion, nuance. Here in addition to choice, we fall prey to the god of speed. Nuance requires listening. It requires embracing complexity.

Nuance is not ‘sitting on the fence’. It acknowledges there is no fence as the ‘sides’ are interconnected. Nuance takes an ecosystem view of challenges. The way forward is rarely either/or; it’s often both/and.

Complex change is full of nuance.

What is the nuance you need to embrace or explore more of today?

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