What Lugging Water Highlighted for me

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Change |

lugging water

As I write this, we are experiencing the driest July in the UK for 111 years. And I’ve been lugging a lot of water around to the veggies, flowers, and trees. So far in the restoration project on this property, I’ve forgotten to think about how to water our plants at a large scale. Or more accurately put, I have forgotten about water distribution. We have lots of water butts, but none of these are connected to soaker hoses or the like. I, with my water cans, is the distribution system. Frankly, usually, we get a lot of rain here so it’s not an issue, but this year is different. And with our goal of growing 75% of our food, I should have thought more about water.

Here’s the thing, lugging water around is fine for the odd day here and there. But me and my watering cans is not a long term solution. Especially when the size of the plot is an acre.

What is happening in our garden, happens in many organisations and change projects. We think about one aspect of the project (collection) but not another (distribution). Or what is even more common is that we don’t recognise our assumptions and work arounds. I did not realise the assumption I was working on (it rains a lot here) and how my lugging water was a work around. These assumptions and work arounds are holding me back from taking the next step to our goal.

What assumptions and work arounds do you need to acknowledge in your work?

Photo by Robert Hrovat


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