Persevering or Insane?

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Doing the same thing, but expecting different results is one defintion of insanity. And yet, perseverance over years is viewed with admiration.

It is not always apparent when you are being insane or practicing perseverance. Often time is the only answer. However, when one perseveres and the change they seek does not happen in their lifetime, are they a failure? Insane? Do we only admire perseverance when the person is ‘successful’?

Culture change can take multiple generations and multiple lifetimes. And we need people who weave a thread of perseverance through these lifetimes. People who build on those who went before.

People living in black and brown bodies have been persevering in their desire for change, for equality, for freedom from the shackles of racism, colonialism, and many other things. They have been persevering for lifetimes. First Nations communities in Canada have been crying out for centuries about the genocide, cultural destruction, and racism done to them. Did we call them insane a decade ago? And now, do we ‘see’ their perseverance after mass graves have been found, after the Pope asks for forgiveness?

Change is about advocacy. And is a long term play. We have become infatuated with instant change due to various forms of technology and the associated business models. We are too quick to give up, too quick to label another as insane. Perseverance is a stalwart characteristic of change makers everywhere.

What is the time horizon of the change you seek? And how will you sustain yourself for the journey?

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