Here. But Lost

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Change |


Coming howm after years of being away is a reminder of how nothing stands still. Our memories might, but reality doesn’t. And it can be disconcerting. I’m back in the city I grew up in. And much looks familiar, but everything feels different. I’m uncertain about how to interact, about how things work, and where things are. However, I sound like I am from here so people look at me funny when I am confused.

I know where I am, but I am also lost.

Change does this to us all. Rarely, if ever, is change wholesale and immediate. It is partial in scope and happens over a period of time. Change makers know this and use it to help those who are experiencing change.

So perhaps pause for a moment. Consider the change you are engaged in and consider what is partial and what is the timeframe. Then talk about this with your team. What insight does this give you in how to approach conversations with others this week?

How can we help others feel a little less lost today?

Photo by Daniel Jensen


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