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We all know people who shirk responsibility. Perhaps we are one of them. We also likely know people who take on too much responsibility. Perhaps we are one of them.

In our lives, it is extremely rare, if ever, that we are have no responsibility for the situations we find ourselves in. We are 100% responsible for the aspect of the situation that we are responsible for. The thing is, this is almost never 0% of the situation or 100% of the situation. It may be 10% or 50%, just not 0 or 100.

Too often we view situations through a binary lens – this or that. This is rarely helpful. But it also doesn’t mean we have responsibilities. We just need to be clear on the boundaries of our responsibility.

This is true when things don’t go the way we want and when things do. We are contributors not sole actors.

What do you need to take responsibility for today? What do you not?

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