Decision Making

by | Aug 14, 2022 | Change |

decision making

I tend to make decisions based on my gut. I tend to know immediately what I am going to or should do. Sometimes I then seek out or find evidence to justify or back up my decisions. The problem arises when my ‘gut’ doesn’t provide a clear decision. In these moments I become paralysed as I can find ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ or multiple equally good options in most decision situations. Figuring out my way through these situations requires other people. I can’t make it through on my own.

We all have decision making preferences. If we don’t know ours, it pays to pause and figure it out. Not so much for the moments when we make decisions, but mostly for the moments we are paralysed. It is these moments we need to understand how we find our way through.

Clarifying this before we enter periods of substantial change will pay significant dividends.

Photo by Jan Genge


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