Humanity and Being an Imposter

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Change |


We all feel like an imposter. Some of us do every day (I certainly do). It’s part of being human. And because we all are learning as we go. We can’t know the future (even though we’d like to).

We all display our imposter feelings differently. Too often, leaders display their imposter feelings by talking about 100% certainty. We go all type A, sometimes even raising our voices to try to convince others (and ourselves). No matter how loud we shout, how much we belittle others, or talk with certainty, we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

We will feel like an imposter. And we can admit that we don’t know the future. We can know ourselves, be humble and people still will follow us. Perfection is not a requirement. Humanity is. A team or community is. Change is not a solo sport – never was, never will be.

Find the others. Be human. And just because you feel like an imposter, doesn’t mean you are. Your community will remind you this.

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