Trim Trails

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trim trails

Our kids love a trim trail. Sometimes we find one in a park, but often the kids make their own in the woods or anywhere with a few obstacles (including inside the house!). Simplistically a trim trail is a series of obstacles the kids need to get around, over, under, on, or through to get to the end of the ‘trail’. There is usually some combination of swinging, stepping, jumping, and lots of balancing.

Most of the trim trails in parks are created so that young kids can do them, however the ones ‘created’ in the woods are less so. These trails usually have a lot more risk involved. And often, the trails are adjusted as we go. The kids try to make the jump from one log to another and realise the distance is too great. Movable logs or rocks are added to make the jump a two or three hop.

The creation of trim trails are a bit like change. We look around observing the resources available and we begin to see if a path can be found. Rarely is our first attempt successful. There are often leaps that are too big to take requiring us to adjust resources to make the jumps achievable. Leaders are the ones who go first. Who fail first so that their teams don’t have to. And after failing, they make some adjustments to hopefully make the leap possible (whatever the ‘leap’ is).

In the change you are seeking to create, where do you need to make the ‘leap’ more achievable for your team?

Photo by Rashid Sadykov


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