The Power of Volume

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Mass mailings worked for the organisations sending them out. They generated a lot of junk mail and waste. The digital version of this is called spam. All email systems have filters for spam and yet some still gets through. The principle for both the paper version and digital version was or is that it’s cheap to send out millions and we only need a 0.5% response rate to make it ‘worth’ it for us.

To become a certified trade person, you need to work a certain number of hours in the trade first as an apprentice. There is a known argument for needing to do something for 10,000 hours before you become an expert. And before a human becomes an adult will have likely been told ‘practice makes perfect’ countless times.

There is something about volume that works in many situations. We may not like mass mailings, spam, or the waste it creates, and yet it works for the sender. Practice or repetition, whether as a plumber, writer, athlete, musician, or mathematician works because skills take time to hone. We are all bad at something before we are good at it. And we are all good at something before we are an expert.

Interestingly, passion often works the same way. We tend to be passionate about the things we know about or are good at. Passion and joy follow knowledge and doing (practice).

How can you use the idea of ‘volume’ in how you seek change? Not the spam type of volume, but the apprentice and passion type?

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