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Our to do list is long. Most days it grows rather than shrinks. Perhaps we cross off that which done. Or perhaps we are part of the deleters group, we’ve gone digital and delete finished tasks rather than use strikethrough. Or we’re the mental list maker, prefering to keep the list in our head.

However, we make lists or keep track of what we need to do, how many of us ever include on our list ‘rest’? And no, including on the list all the things you need to do for (or on) your vacation or holiday doesn’t count.

I know my list never does. I don’t think I’ve ever written it on any list I’ve created. Perhaps I should start. And perhaps you should to.

What’s the harm in trying?

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  1. Michael Kersten

    Solid point. Couple weeks ago started making three lists
    And evening
    Game changer


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