The Stories We Tell

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stories we tell

In all the communities we are a part of, we have ‘hero’ stories. Stories of women and men who have done or behaved in certain ways that we as a community admire or revere. These stories help communicate our culture, our beliefs, morals – ‘People like us, do things like this’ (to use a Seth Godin phrase). Sometimes within the stories are hidden, more subtle messages (i.e. the princess being rescued by the prince, girl being rescued by the boy, the roles of people of colour, farmers are poor, and so on).

In all the communities we are a part of, we have ‘hero’ stories – it is helpful to periodically to identify and review them. It is helpful to reflect on the stories we tell, why we tell them, and what they communicate. Do we agree with what we are communicating – overtly and subtly?

Stories are a large part of culture. When we seek to bring about change, stories are a good place to start.

What are your stories?

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  1. Michael Kersten

    *quickly googles Seth Godin


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