Change is Not a Solo Endeavour

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change is not a solo endeavour

Our kids don’t like trying new things…

We went to my cousin’s house this summer and as food was laid for the meal, I became anxious inside. Would our kids eat anything? Would they try any of it? Or would there be a lot of anxious whispering and pushing food around on a plate? However, when my cousin’s kids came to the table and expressed delight at the meal, our kids were excited too. As they saw the other kids try everything, our kids were willing to try as well. In the end, they didn’t like everything, but they tried everything and we have a new meal they’ll eat.

This week they was a lot of grumbling about going to a new athletics club. All that changed when we told them some of their friends from school were also going. At school they heard from their friends about what goes on at the club and how fun it is. The after school drive to the club still had a nervousness about it, but overwhelmingly was filled with excitement. The post club drive was buzzing with joy.

Our kids don’t like trying new things…unless they can try with friends.

As we go into adults we often still don’t like trying to things. Often we, adults, resist change even more as we age. And yet, when we see our friends and peers trying that which we fear or hear them tell of their enjoyment of it, our resistant reduces.

Change is not a solo endeavour. Change makers understand this and try to use it achieve the change they seek. How can you involve others to reduce the resistance barriers you face today?

Derek Sivers has he own way of explaining it using the famous concert video in the below TED Talk.

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  1. Michael Kersten

    Received email at 4:01 am, right in the middle of morning routine. Perfect timing.
    “Change isn’t a sole endeavour”
    Nice, permission to share? Got nailed with copyright infringement yest for first time. Scratch that off bucket list I guess.
    Take no offense, but third paragraph from bottom, grow into adulthood maybe?
    Just my ocd kicking in early today

    • AmosD

      Glad it resonated – and yes, please share widely


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