Consistency and Stubborness

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There is a fine line between stubborn and consistency. Or perhaps they are two sides of the same coin? My son consistently sits in the same spot on the sofa in the sitting room. We all sit in the same places at meal times. At most meetings and workshops, we tend to sit in the same chair or at the same table every day. Many of us take the same route to work, to school, and to the grocery store. Some of us get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time each day.

Stubbornness seems to kick in when someone else in our seat and we refuse to sit elsewhere. When we refuse to consider a different perspective or way of doing things, it may be simple stubbornness.

Change is disruptive to both consistency and stubbornness. And often the disruption to consistency is responded to with stubbornness. This can be frustrating, but it also can be a signal. Stubbornnes can be a signal the change is breaking a consistent pattern or routine for the person. If we can listen to the person, we may be able to find another consitent pattern they can adopt willingly.

Consistency can provide security to a person. Identity even. Change disrupts this. Perhaps our job as change makers is to help the other find a new consistency or to create a safe space for them to find it themselves.

Who do you need to listen to today?

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  1. Toebs

    Solid content again Amos
    Had this couple weeks ago at work. A young Mennonite girl started work, and took my seat in lunchroom. I let it go, and simply sat somewhere else.
    Reminds me of our first PE class with Brett Otte. We were all lined up against wall of gym, farthest away from authority figure as physically possible. Brett mentioned that we were creatures of habit, but it was simply us trying to assert our independence.
    Keep hustling
    An old friend


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