One More Day of Learning

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one more day of learning

Over the past month, we’ve made progress on lots of jobs around our property. We recovered and rebuilt the ends of the polytunnel, using skills I learned from my Dad and Uncles as a child. Harvested apples in the way of my grandfather. Made apple pie, the way my Mom taught me. We insulated rooms, planted flowers, pruned trees, made compost, and many other things, using skills people taught us along life’s path. We wrote blogs and papers, read books, made presentations and hosted meetings, and countless other things virtually and in person. Again, skills all taught to us by others.

Sometimes the ‘others’ were family members. Other times they were school teachers, university professors. And still other times they were friends, colleagues, or some random person on youtube.

For you, your list is likely completely different. Take a moment and think of the past week or month and all the things you done – from the mundane to the exciting (however you define those). Then consider who you learned those skills from.

None of these skills we were born with. They were taught to us by others. And yes, we had a role to play in the learning – we are not passive, empty vessels into which another pours the skills. Some skills were easy to learn, while others required a ridiculous number of hours of practice, frustration, and tears.

But, we learned them.

Perhaps pause for a moment, write down a few skills you learnt and the person(s) you learnt them from. Then offer up gratitude to them in whatever form you choose. And then as you go about your day and face new things to figure out, remember you’ve learnt how to do all kinds of amazing things in the past, today is just one more day of learning.

You got this.

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  1. Toeby

    Super relevant content today old friend.
    Permission to share, only with immediate family of course. Been on a ride for sure since March 2020. Starting your book today, maybe, I promise, almost.
    Google the results of low hormone levels in males our age. Results are indicative of possible treatment of mood disorders.
    Maybe. Or not. Who knows


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