Blinded by the Light

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Strategy |

blinded by the light

Last night the kids were up with nightmares. So I sat in their room, holding their hands while they drifted back to sleep. Through their window I could see the night sky. Orion was above us stretching out his bow. I’ve seen Orion hundreds of times before, however I was struck by the sheer number of stars out. It was like I was camping in Northern Ontario.

Of course the stars are always there, even in the daytime, we just can’t see them. During the day, the sun’s light over powers the light from far away galaxies. At night, many of us see very few stars or none at all because of the lights from our cities, towns, villages, and houses. We are qutie literally ‘blinded by the light’. But when we strip away the light, what we see is glorious.

When we think about our organisations and teams, perhaps it’s wise to pause, consider, and discuss what is the ‘light pollution’ that is stopping us from seeing or focusing on the goals we are striving for. And perhaps consider if you are focusing the ‘lesser goals’ – the stars we can more easily see like our sun and Orion.

Oh and remember to get out and look up at the night sky whenever you can. Glorious splendor don’t even do it justice.

Photo by Johnny Kaufman


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