A Deep Understanding of Humans

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Change |

a deep understanding of humans

One of the hardest parts of change is the anxiety it brings. Anxiety causes us to do all manner of things. Our reptile brains dominate brain function bringing us into heightened awareness. And our sleep is often also distrubed causing increased anxiety and so the cycle goes.

Change involves decisions and ‘finding our way through’. These conversations, debates are often most fruitful when we have them with a diverse group of people who aren’t anxious. Better put, a diverse group of people who have ideas, experience, and perspective that they are willing to share – but also who are willing to listen to others. They are not evangelists selling a product or theory. They are creative connectors who bring their ideas, listen to others, and then recreate a new way.

Anxiety and uncertainty too often meet creating either bullies or depressives. Change makers need to recognise this. We need to figure out a way to release the anxiety in a healthy way. Often this isn’t public, as a public release of anxiety triggers shame, which doesn’t help either. Understanding what is causing the anxiety is a skill change makers need to master. The cause of anxiety will be different for everyone.

Too often we focus on a subject matter. We talk clinically about process, technology, data, engineering, or whatever the subject is. And yet, in conversations we acknowledge it is the people and culture involved that is the hardest part. People and culture makes everyone anxious. Change makers need to focus here.

Change makers are not therapists, but they have a deep understanding of humans.

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  1. Michael Kersten

    Okay. I get it now
    I want to be included as a change maker old friend
    That is called purpose, pick any relevant adjective
    Time to share
    Googled how low testosterone affects males as they age, now attempting to prove that I’m not actually insane. Long story for tomm. Results have been fully documented and recorded for posterity.
    So, top three ways to be effective changer
    If you have time of course
    Permission to share blog with inner circle? Got nailed yest again with cw infringement. Need a team lol


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