Perceptions, Fears, and Change

by | Oct 2, 2022 | Change |


My interactions with another are shaped by my view of myself and my experiences. At the same time, my perception (shaped by my life experience) of the other shapes my interaction with them. Both are true. Both are dynamic. And while this is true, the same thing is happening within the other making for an even more dynamic interaction. Often the most ‘stable’ relationships are those in which the persons have accepted themselves fully and are gracious and humble towards others.

Change or doing something new adds questions into the mix. Questions about how others will react, how they will view us, how we will view ourselves. Questions and uncertainty invoke fear.

Change makers seek to reduce fear. Not entirely, but enough for those involved to take the next step. And they also know that reducing fear is not one size fits all. Just as our fears are shaped by our own experience, so too is the reduction of fear individual.

Step by step. Drip by drip. The seeds of change are planted, watered, and then take on a life of their own.

Change makers are gardeners, not mechanics.

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