Mental Override

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Change

mental override

Reversing a tractor with a trailer on it requires some mental gymnastics. Especially when we are learning. We need to override our brains, which is telling us to turn left to go left. However, when reversing to go left, we need to turn the tractor as if we wanted to turn right. This is a hard mental override to learn to do.

Similarly, each turn of the tractor has exponential impact on the trailer. It is super easy to quickly jackknife and then we need to start again. This is because of how the tractor and trailer are connected. Therefore, a small turn of the tractor to the right results in a large turn to the left by the trailer. This, too, is a hard mental override to learn.

But like riding a bike, once you learn it, it is a skill that is with us for life. (Even if we are a bit rusty when we try again).

Change is a lot like this. At the beginning it takes a lot of mental concentration, mental override. Then slowly it becomes ‘normal’. There are moments when we realise a small action has a large impact, which requires you to start over again. But slowly, over time, after lots of practice and attempts, you get the hang of the new. The change becomes normal, the way things are done around here.

What change are you working on that requires a mental override?

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  1. Toebs

    So many comments…
    Basically an hourglass shape, right?
    The hitch is comparable to the narrowest section of the glass
    I think. Who knows
    Might run into you in front of the palace one day
    Who knows, I’m new remember.


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