Digital Literacy Success

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digital literacy success

What does success look like? So many different possible answers. When building a house, a home to live in that is safe, secure, and stands for a century? For investments, that they increase in value, ideally at a higher rate than inflation? When creating a garden that flowers bloom or vegetables can be eaten. Defining success depends on what we are doing.

So what does success look like in the digital literacy space? For some, this can be about tech skills. For example, can I use a phone, a computer. But then that can be made more specific – is it about making a phone call or doing mobile banking or is it about being able to develop and code an application? Is it about being able to write and save a document or create a complex formula in excel or establish an API?

All of these options are forms of digital literacy. And so is understanding your digital rights and responsibilities, understanding the value of data and how it is used. Therefore, one type of success is an increase in questions about why data is being collected, an increase in refusals, an increase in complaints – an increase in upholding rights.

In many ways this is uncomfortable for organisations, but it shouldn’t be for charities and humanitarian organisations. It is one step in helping us figure out what ‘people centred data management’ actually looks like. Charities and humanitarian organisations exist to help those in our communities who are vulnerable. Ensuring that together, with them, we are increasing our collective digital literacy understanding is a critical part of our work in a digital era.

How can you include digital literacy into your work this week? And what does success look like for you?

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  1. Old friend

    Growing food…. Hmmmm
    Digital literacy, that phrase is new, but using current tech to become more efficient comes at a cost of course.
    Gonna let socials take their course, only promoting for cheap
    See what happens, then maybe you and I can discuss some more important matters


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