The Wisdom Owl

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Change, Learning |

wisdom owl

My son told me it was his wisdom owl that hung on the wall in his classroom. It said:

‘Mistakes are evidence that you are trying’

It could also be the motto for your change project. Perhaps you and your colleagues need the reminder that change requires us all to ‘try’ something new. And this will lead to mistakes because we are human. The only way to avoid mistakes is not to try.

And yes, it is also wise to ensure that when we (and our teams) are learning something new that we are not harming ourselves or others. In the tech world, we talk of creating sandboxes in which we can test things out (where we can ‘play’).

There is no one ‘right’ way to ‘do’ change. But we all need safe places to try new things in.

How can you encourage your team today?

Photo by Dominik Van Opdenbosch

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  1. Toeby

    Mistakes are evidence that you are trying’
    Yeah, finished with the minimum amount of effort for sure
    Need your advice on that horrible little app called TikTok, should just delete it. But gained some serious traction last couple weeks
    Talk soon
    And thanks for your support for the HOPE APP, there are no words


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