Reference Points

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reference points

Some people shape their relationships to be like their parents relationship. Other want to be nothing like their Mom or Dad. Sometimes we are inspired by a story of another and shape our lives to like them. Others just try to survive another day.

Leaders, teams, and organisations are similar. We are inspired by others and the stories we hear of others. Sometimes this is a positive story, other times a negative one. We have reference points – experiences that shape us and continue to shape us for years. We see this in innovation and disruption too. Innovative ideas and teams are created and then adopt an organisational model similar to the one they are disrupting.

Our reference points are based on what we know. So if there ever was a reason for broadening our knowledge, our reading, our experiences it is this. With broader knowledge and experience, our reference points broaden thereby opening up new ways of seeing and attempting change.

As a change makers, how can you broaden your reference points today? this week?

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Jake Lorefice

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  1. Toeby

    Morning Amos Doornbos
    It’s 10am your time I assume
    Free will is something I’ve spent a lot of time on lately
    Some things matter, other things don’t. Maybe?
    Decided to take a little trip, we’ll halfway through it actually
    Something to try and clear the cobwebs
    Family is still playing catch-up, but they’re smart. They’ll figure it out
    Rest assured that I’m not “crazy”, but you’ve known that for decades eh?
    Passport is valid for awhile….


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