4 Years of Noticing

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Four years of Noticing

Four years ago this week, I started writing this blog. An every day practice that has been going on for over 1460 days now. Writing daily for 4 years was never the goal, the first goal was Christmas 2018. I just kept going.

The blog’s ‘birthday’ made me pause and think about the past 4 years. We’ve been through a lot in our lives. For me, and my family, we’ve been through house moves, property purchases falling through, then back on again, threats of eviction and court, a complext building project, garden restoration, starting new schools, bullying, trips that went well and those that didn’t, and of course COVID. All this and not to mention all the ups and downs of jobs, new jobs, and a whole lot of learning. And then of course, there is everything that has been going on around in our community, country, and the world.

It is a LOT.

In our fast paced lives and world, the act of noticing appears to be a lost art. And yet, the people who do tend to have a magneticism to them. There is a calmness, a groundedness that draws us in. The act of noticing is often accompanied with a sense of wonder. A wonder and the marvel of how our world, all of it, works. A wonder at the beauty of it all and the people in it. It is easy to miss it, to overlook it, especially in our busyness. But perhaps that is why we need to notice more. To practice the art of noticing.

Four years of pausing each morning to reflect has helped me notice a little more. It slows me down just a little bit to wonder more, to attempt to unpack or connect thoughts. I don’t claim to have any magneticism about yet, but perhaps one day. My hope is that there is something in these words that help you to pause, reflect, connect, or wonder. And share them with others too.

Four years is both a short and long time. If you take a moment and think of 2018, what do you notice has happened in you since then? And how does that impact who you are today?

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  1. Debbie Garden

    Hi Amos, I have been amazed at your commitment to your posts and have read them when they’ve crossed my path. Yes 4 years is a short and long time. It’s been a remarkable 4 years historically for sure and no doubt very different than what we each imagined when it started.
    Thank you for your posts and your insights. It certainly is true that we all need to slow down and notice life and the beauty it has to offer. It would serve us all well to calm our emotions and minds during of this very unsettling time we are living through. Wishing you and your family well.

  2. Paul Doornbos

    Congratulations brother on marking another milestone even if it was an unintentional result of commitment to a daily practice 👏 👍 can you hear Mom cheering ….. I can! Well done

  3. Eric Kiruhura

    Congratulations Amos!

    Very concise and inspiring daily posts. I have gleaned lots of wisdom and learning along the way.

    Looking forward to another 4 years, 8 years and many many more years of your writing.

  4. Salome

    I really liked this reflection! I didn’t realize you had committed to writing daily! What a brave thing to do. Even for a short time. Very inspiring. Maybe I’ll dare to do it even if not online. Thanks! Keep it up!

  5. Elisa Neeson

    Congratulations Amos,

    I will admit i don’t always read your blog, but you have touched so many topics which were/are in my mind, and others not in my mind but it was a learning experience reading those topics. Please continue your writing.

  6. Toeby

    Where to start Mr Thoornbush
    You call it noticing, I use situational awareness. 6 of one….
    4 yrs eh, just like your bd, al divisible by 2.
    Just like my home address, by condo unit number, and the plate number on my new car….
    Also the address of the hotel I’m staying at in New Brunswick. Gonna see the east coast turn around and come home.
    You mentioned calmness, I call it slowing your roll. Again, 6 of one
    Now, unaware of your current political affiliations, what the heck is going on at 10 Downing Street. 44 days!!!


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