Flying Too Low

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Identity, Learning


In the story of Icarus, his father constructs wings from feather and wax for him to escape by flying. Icarus’ father warns him to fly neither too low nor too high. Too low and the dampness of the seas may clog his wings. Too high and the heat of sun might melt them.

As the story goes, Icarus ignores his father, flies to close to the sun and his wings melt. He falls out of the sky into the sea nd drowns.

The story is taught focusing on the act of ‘flying too close to the sun’. At times it can be used to encourage people to be careful about how big they dream. And even to ‘know their place’.

And yet, as Seth says, what happens if Icarus flew too low? His father’s warning was not only about flying too high, but also about flying too low.

What does ‘flying too low’ look like for you? Where are you being too ‘humble’? Too restrained? Where are you worrying too much about ‘flying too close to the sun’ to the point that you are flying too low?

Perhaps it’s time to fly higher.

Photo from Ghent University Library

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  1. Mike Kersten

    Still educating me all these yrs later old friend
    Was never aware of the warning of flying too low, only the warning of too high.
    Thx again
    If I’m too much, go find less


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