You are not alone

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Change |

you are not alone

Sometimes change is exciting. We see people succeed at doing new things. We are a part of making people’s lives easier and better. There are lots of highs in being a change maker.

But so much of being a change maker are daily ‘chores’. Emails, phone calls, creating presentations, writing, reading, conversations, analysis, trying to understand why things happen and what motivates people. Ideas are easy to come by, figuring out how to put them into practice or make them stick is the hard part. And change is all about the hard part.

Therefore resilience is key.

And one thing that helps time and time again in resilence is knowing you are not alone. That you are not crazy. In your sector, industry, community there will be others working on change. Perhaps not the same change that you are, but change nonetheless. Find them. Have a drink with them once a month and share your highs and lows. Listen to theirs.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. Change is possible, but change is hard, slow, and at times exciting, but also a full of daily chores.

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