It’s your turn

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Change |

it's your turn

We can read a lot about the change we seek to create before we begin to change. And we should. We can have numerous discussions, seek out different perspectives, and actively listen to the fear, hope, and uncertainty. And we should.

However, at one point, we do these things instead of starting. They become a distraction, an excuse for not embarking on the change. And this is hard to see or admit because the activities were beneficial and good for a period of time. There will always be one more article, book to read. Another conversation to have. Another ‘rabbit hole’ to explore. You can not exhaust the possibilities.

The challenge is that no one can tell you where the tipping point is. When the reading, listening, discussing switches from a positive action to a delay tactic.

We seem to ‘know inside ourselves’ that we are delaying. When you notice this in yourself, it’s time to start as soon as possible. No more waiting, just start. It is in the starting that the learning continues. And starting does not mean that you stop reading, listening. By no means, in fact, when you start the reading and listening become more intense. And more meaningful.

Perhaps this week, talk with with your team, a trusted advisor. Ask where are you delaying? Where do you need to keep exploring?

It’s time. It’s your turn.

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