Competitors, Contributors, and ‘The Others’

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Whatever you are working on, the chances are extremely high that you are not the only one working on it. And by extremely high, I mean beyond 99%. It may feel like you are alone or the only one, but again the chances that is not true are extremely high. Now, you may be the only one in your team or perhaps even your organisation. However, there is a high likelihood others in other teams, organisations, industries are also working on it. They may be looking at it from a different perspective, calling it something different, but are still working on it.

The challenge is finding the others.

In our work on digital literacy, we are finding heaps and heaps of resources. There is lots of great content available. And there are lots of others trying to figure out how best to ‘make it stick’, make it relevant to frontline project teams. People are coming at it from all sorts of angles and perspectives.

We don’t need to convert everyone to our perspective. We don’t need to talk negatively about others’ perspectives. This does not mean we don’t have a perspective. We do. We just don’t have the ‘whole truth’. Our perspective, our approach is a contribution. Hopefully a valuable contribution. Hopefully another ‘piece in the puzzle’ connecting other pieces and giving us all insight into the ‘whole picture’.

We are not the only ones working on digital literacy. There are lots of others. Sometimes we disagree with their approach, but they too, are working on the challenge.

Sometimes to find the others, we just need to stop criticising others and see them as fellow contributors. Perhaps they are the ‘others’ we have been seeking all along.

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