The Moment Frost Came

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Change


Last night we had the first deep frost of the year. The ground, fences, plants are all crunchy this morning. It is picturesque. And it will bring about significant change. The trees in our valley that line our meadow have been holding onto their leaves thus far. After today, we’ll see that change in earnest. The colour show will begin and leaves will drop. Our ancient oak tree is still green, a week from now she will show us her rainbow coat of colour.

Sometimes change has moments like these. It’s been building for a long period beforehand and then a moment happens. And that moment brings enormous visible change in a short, intense period of time.

The thing is that if we are waiting for the moment before we act, the moment won’t come. The ‘moment’ is built on what comes before. The hard work. Consistently done and often unseen. The preparation enables us to expect and enjoy the moment when it comes, not be surprised by it.

The weird thing about ‘big’ moments are that they often are just another consistent step for those involved. It isn’t always known to be special until after the fact. It becomes a ‘moment’ in hindsight not in foresight.

What are you consistently working on?

Photo by George Hiles


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