Fan Magic

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Change

fan magic

We have a little fan on the top of our wood stove. As the heat from the stove rises, it hits the blades of the fan causing it to spin. The hope is that fan pushes the heat around the room (and in our case, out of the room). The kids find it magical as it is not plugged in and they can’t ‘see’ how it works.

Change can be like this sometimes. Lots of action happening in one area impacting another, but ‘in-between’ there is a gap. It is unclear of the connection, yet we know it is there.

Sometimes change makers are the roaring fire. Other times they are the ‘magic’ part. The unseen, in-between heat waves connecting the two elements.

What have you been this week? What do you need to be next week?

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  1. Toebs

    Nothing like a wood stove eh
    It heats you twice. Once while chopping then burning
    Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement


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